Advantages of using Magento 2

Magento 2

About Magento 2
Magento 2 is an open source E-commerce platform that empowers millions of retailers and brands with the most effective E-commerce platform and cloud solutions that provide innovation and growth. Magento 2 plays a very effective role in the business world and is the largest e-commerce platform in the world for custom development services. It is extremely useful, simple, versatile and easy to use.

Benefits and Advantages of Magento 2

Magento 2 is very much different from its previous versions. Magento 2 comes with benefits that make it a better platform overall. With Magento 2, customers will enjoy elegantly designed and user-friendly shopping experiences. Let us look at the advantages that Magento 2 has brought about:
 Magento 2 is highly flexible and customizable.
 You can implement one step checkout process.
 Better performance – Magento 2 provides improved performance as compared to Magento 1.
 Magento 2 is a multi-store and a multi-language tool.
 Let’s you search and sort your products in various ways.
 Being highly scalable it can handle huge amount of traffic easily.
 Magento 2 offers advanced SEO features.
 It offers intelligent search options and features.
 It offers amazing admin experience.
 Magento 2 has eye-catching themes that are also easy to learn.
 You can design your store the way you want with magento 2
 Magento 2 is powerful enough to handle all your E-commerce needs
 Several integrated payment gateway methods are enabled.
 Category and product creation can be easily carried out.
 Additional Websites can be easily set up.

Features of a Magento 2 E-commerce website

Magento 2 has comprehensive features that are needed to build and run your online store. Let us look at some of the features it provides:
 Mobile Friendly
 Tools for marketing and advertising
 Enhanced business agility and productivity
 Engaging shopping experience
 Easy maintenance
 Secured payments
 Proper backup systems
 User friendly functions
 Instant purchase

When it comes to compatibility, Magento 2 is compatible with all the latest technologies like PHP Development, Java etc. which means it provides faster load time as compared to Magento 1. Magento 2 also works excellently with databases like MySQL, Oracle etc.

Latest Version of Magento

Magento 2’s latest version Magento 2.4 was released on 28th July 2020 and is compatible with the latest technologies of PHP. It has the following new features:
 Two-factor authentication for better security
 Better media gallery
 Improved default search engine
 Seller-Assisted shopping
 New B2B enhancements to the buyer and seller approval experience
 68 bug fixes
 Efficient purchase approval workflows
 Better performance
 Streamlined Asset management



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