Streamlined hiring
Made Easy

Effortlessly manage your end-to-end recruitment process, from sourcing to contract, with ease.

Arrange your job openings and job applications systematically.

Establish your own job portal, advertise your job postings, and seamlessly manage applications. Track every candidate, curate a comprehensive skills database, and index relevant documents. No requirement to delegate recruitment tasks externally – efficiently handle all aspects internally with a straightforward and polished approach.

Faster and Better Hiring Made Possible







Reporting and

A new email address is automatically assigned to every job offer in order to route applications directly to the right one.

Whether applicants contact you by email or using an online form, get all the data automatically indexed (resumes, cover letters, etc.) and answered in just a click, using templates or personalized emails.

Customize your hiring process.

Create your own stages and interviewers, utilizing the Kanban view to tailor the steps of your recruitment process: pre-screening, initial interview, follow-up interview, negotiation, and more. Gain precise insights into your recruitment pipeline with detailed statistics. Employ reports to analyze the effectiveness of job board postings, enabling agile adjustments to your strategy and recruitment plan.

Know how RecruitStaq Can Benefit
Your Business

Time And Cost

Streamline hiring process, save time and money with efficient recruitment software.

Improved Candidate Experience

Enhance candidate experience with user-friendly recruitment software for a smoother hiring journey.


Promote better collaboration among hiring teams with intuitive recruitment software for efficient candidate evaluation.

Compliance And

Ensure compliance and data security with robust recruitment software for confidential and legal hiring processes.

Do You Have Any Questions?
Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask

What is RecruitStaq?

RecruitStaq is a cloud-based hiring platform that gives HR teams and recruitment companies the digital tools needed to fill roles quickly and efficiently. It’s free to try, and it requires no on-premise software or data storage. From sourcing candidates to prepping them for onboarding, Recruit helps you manage your entire talent pipeline from a single app. It’s available through web browsers on any internet-capable device

How does RecruitStaq benefit employers?

RecruitStaq helps employers streamline their recruitment process, reducing the amount of time and resources required to find and hire the right candidates. It can also help ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and consistently, and that hiring decisions are based on objective criteria

What makes RecruitStaq stands out from other Tools?

RecruitStaq is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for managing requirements that is tailored to the specific needs of your organization, easy to use, and integrates with other tools

How can I get started with RecruitStaq?

If you’re ready to dive right in, check out our 15-day free trial. No forced contracts, and no credit card required. RecruitStaq has flexible pricing plans that make it a great option for businesses of any size or industry. For more information please contact us


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