Asset management Platform

Assetstaq software helps businesses track, monitor, and optimize their physical and digital assets for improved efficiency.

Manage and Supervise Assets

AssetStaq is a comprehensive fixed asset management solution that efficiently stores asset information in a centralized database. Authorized users can securely access this information from anywhere, ensuring seamless availability and facilitating streamlined management of fixed assets.

Why Choose AssetStaq?

If your organization faces challenges with manual calculation and prone to errors while monitoring multiple fixed assets, a fixed asset system like AssetStaq can be highly beneficial. This software simplifies the entire process, making it more accessible and efficient. Even if your current number of fixed assets is limited, the software accommodates future asset additions. AssetStaq enables depreciation tracking, selling, and expiration management, making asset management easier, more efficient, and user-friendly.

Asset Life Cycle

Helps you in tracking and managing an organization's physical and intangible assets throughout their lifecycle,


In the asset life cycle, the planning phase entails assessing current assets to determine requirements and establish asset needs based on the existing assets.


The asset life cycle commences as the asset is identified, acquired, and implemented within the organization, allowing for continuous monitoring throughout its entire life cycle.

Asset Maintenance

This phase signifies the utilization and administration of an asset, encompassing activities such as insurance, verification, Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), and more.

Asset Removal

The culmination of the asset's life cycle occurs when it is retired from service and can be either sold, discarded, or relocated.

Asset Life Cycle

Helps you in tracking and managing an organization’s physical and intangible assets throughout their lifecycle,

Know how AssetStaq Can Benefit
Your Business

Allot Assets

Allot Assets is a feature or component of AssetStaq that enables efficient tracking, allocation, and utilization of assets within an organization


Inventory in AssetStaq refers to the comprehensive record and management of all assets within an organization, including their quantities, locations, statuses, and other relevant information.

Assets Return

Assets Return in AssetStaq refers to the process of tracking and managing returned assets, including recording, inspecting, and updating their status for efficient inventory management.


History in AssetStaq refers to the recorded chronological information about an asset's lifecycle, including its acquisition, maintenance, movements, and disposal.

Efficiently handle assets remotely

Effortlessly manage assets remotely with our software, enhancing productivity, tracking, maintenance, and financial management.

Support your

Enhance your workflows with custom actions for faster and easier asset updates and management.

Consolidate asset history

Complete audit logs ensure increased responsibility and predictive analysis for each individual asset.

Reduced Costs

The incorporation of prompt payment incentives, procurement activities, inquiry handling, and additional functionalities contribute to reducing operational costs.

Do You Have Any Questions?
Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask

What is AssetStaq?
AssetStaq is a comprehensive solution designed to track, monitor, and optimize an organization’s physical and digital assets. It provides a centralized platform to record and manage information related to assets, including their location, condition, maintenance schedules, and depreciation. The software enables efficient asset tracking, streamlines maintenance processes, facilitates asset lifecycle management, assists with compliance and regulatory requirements, and helps organizations make data-driven decisions for optimal asset utilization and cost savings.
How does AssetStaq benefit?
AssetStaq offers several benefits, including:Improved asset visibility and tracking. Streamlined asset maintenance and scheduling. Enhanced accuracy in asset records and documentation. Cost savings through optimized asset utilization and maintenance. Better compliance and risk management. Enhanced decision-making through data-driven insights. Increased accountability and reduced asset loss or theft.
What types of assets can be managed with AssetStaq?
AssetStaq can handle a wide range of assets, including physical assets (such as equipment, machinery, vehicles, furniture) and digital assets (such as software licenses, intellectual property, digital files). It can also manage assets across various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, IT, construction, and more.
What makes AssetStaq stands out from other Tools?

RecruitStaq is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for managing requirements that is tailored to the specific needs of your organization, easy to use, and integrates with other tools

How can I get started with AssetStaq?

If you’re ready to dive right in, check out our 15-day free trial. No forced contracts, and no credit card required. RecruitStaq has flexible pricing plans that make it a great option for businesses of any size or industry. For more information please contact us


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