How to improve performance of Magento 2?

About Magento 2
One of the World’s leading e-commerce platforms is Magento. Magento 2 is an upgraded version of Magento 1 and holds much better features and enhancements. Magento 2 is the best option for when it comes to developing e-commerce websites. It is an open source technology that provides flexibility along with powerful marketing and search engine optimization tools and various security enhancements for your payment procedures. With Magento 2, you create engaging, easy and unique shopping experience for your customers with unlimited scalability and flexibility.

Magento 2 features and advantages
Magento 2 provides content management system (CMS). Website pages are managed using Magento CMS. CMS is mainly for managing content, hence it plays a very important role in creating and publishing content that goes online.
There are many other enhanced benefits of Magento 2 and therefore it is highly preferred for developing e-commerce websites. Being the latest version of Magento, it has much better features including better performance as compared to Magento 1.
 Magento 2 has a user friendly approach
 It provides better speed
 Highly flexible and scalable
 Magento 2 is reliable and provides better security
 It has rich features to help manage the online store with simple drag and drop layout
 Improved checkout
 Touch friendly navigation
 Mobile friendly
 Better SEO features
 Faster load time
 Multi lingual
 Easy customization

Performance issues with Magento 2
Since Magento 2 comes with so many added features, enhancements, complexity, more lines of code, it is likely to slow down and perform poorly. Poor Performance is one very common issue that people face with Magento 2. With time, the speed becomes slow. Poorly written extensions also add up to its slow functioning.

Ways to improve performance of Magento 2
There are various reasons for the slow performance of Magento 2. There are numerous ways using which you can improve the performance of Magento 2. We will help you with ways of improving the performance of Magento 2.
 Database read speed can be a major issue, therefore to solve this, you need to enable flat catalog to reduce the no of joins between the tables.
 Due to the presence of huge CSS and JS files, the website speed becomes relatively slow, therefore merging them is a perfect solution.
 Caching will help speed up Magento 2 significantly.
 Optimizing the image is something you must consider. Make sure it is compressed as such huge images are not required.
 Since Magento 2 team is constantly providing improvements, ensure that you keep upgrading your version for better performance and speed.
 Optimizing server and system’s needs.
 Switch to the latest version of PHP i.e the 7th version as the performance has been improved in the 7th version.
 Using of light weight themes.
 Setup a content delivery network as it helps improve the speed.
 Choose extensions that are bug free, as extensions containing bugs will affect the speed



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